Diana Carter Body Treatments


Body Treatments - Babor

Aromatic Body Massage 1Hr
Activates circulation and lymphatic system, detoxifies and improves the function of the nervous system. Ultimately relieves all signs of stress and fatigue.  
Aromatic Body Massage 30Mins 
As Above  
Universal Contour Wrap £35
1 Wrap £45
Course of 3 £125
Detoxifies the body and is ideal for firming slack muscle tone and relieving tired heavy legs. Also inch lose  

Holistic Body Treatment - Guniot

Body Blen Etre 1Hr 30 Mins £60
For Pure Indulgence
An invigorating body scrub with a relaxing full body massage, this treatment tones and re-hydrates the skin, leaving a natural radiance. A blissful gift to yourself